iPad 2 Security – Get one and Get Secure

How to Secure Your iPad2The iPad 2 has been one of the hottest products in history since its launch in March of this year. If you are one of the bleeding edge adopters you are probably asking yourself what you need to do to secure device.

A lot of the security measures for the iPad 2 are very similar
to previous recommendations for the first iPad. Most of the upgrades are related to iOS version of the device you are working with.

The 5 primary security risks you need to consider are related to:

  • Updates of installed applications
  • Internet browsing and email security
  • Physical security protection to protect your device from theft or recover it if it is lost or stolen
  • Setting a passcode
  • Locking your device when it is not in use to prevent casual snooping

For specific implementation details on these recommendations be sure to check here for the definitive guide on how to secure the iPad2

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