New Apple iOS 5 is here

Apple has released iOS 5 and I have seen a lot of reviews about the new features that iOS 5 brings to the table. The big updates are:

  • Notification center now is the central source for alerts vs. distracting you on your screen for each individual update. Hoorah for central management.
  • iMessage texting allows unlimited texting between iOS 5 devices.
  • Twitter is integrated right into the new iOS
  • Camera app can be opened even while locked to allow for the quick picture snap at a moment’s notice. Horrah for spontaneity. New photo enhancement options were also highlighted in the update.
  • Automatic wireless sync options to a mac or pc.
  • Updates are unleashed from the pc. Owning a pc/mac is no longer required for updates they can be done directly on your iOS 5 device (ipad/ipad2, iphone 3/4/4S, or ipod touch)

I have heard of a few people having problems with the iOS 5 update so as always it is good practice to back up your data before proceeding.


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Ipad 2 Security Cases & The Best of Itunes security apps

The iPad and iPad 2 continue to enjoy massive popularity and are well supported with applications in the iTunes store. Here is a nice detailed review of the best security apps for the iPad and iPad 2

The security apps available includes anti virus protection, internet surfing protection, device locators, and password managers to assist with password management requirements. Many of these apps are available at low/no cost and can greatly improve the security robustness of your apple device.

One last item you may want to consider is additional security protection for your iPad or iPad 2 device. There are quite a lot of options for cases and here is a rundown of some of the best and most attractive iPad 2 security cases These devices can help protect your iPad from a nasty fall, water submersion, or an associate who has sticky fingers (via the cable lock). Check out these options to keep your iPad 2 in good working order.

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iPad 2 Security – Get one and Get Secure

How to Secure Your iPad2The iPad 2 has been one of the hottest products in history since its launch in March of this year. If you are one of the bleeding edge adopters you are probably asking yourself what you need to do to secure device.

A lot of the security measures for the iPad 2 are very similar
to previous recommendations for the first iPad. Most of the upgrades are related to iOS version of the device you are working with.

The 5 primary security risks you need to consider are related to:

  • Updates of installed applications
  • Internet browsing and email security
  • Physical security protection to protect your device from theft or recover it if it is lost or stolen
  • Setting a passcode
  • Locking your device when it is not in use to prevent casual snooping

For specific implementation details on these recommendations be sure to check here for the definitive guide on how to secure the iPad2

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Ipad Security – What do you need to do?

Have an Ipad and want to now how to secure it? Well you have come to the right place. It is important you implement these iPad Security Tips to ensure your iPad can continue to function at the high level you have come to expect.

When approaching iPad Security you should keep in mind that securing an iPad is not altogether unique and that common information security techniques used for a pc also apply to an iPad. Default out of the box an iPad does not have security settings configured to operate in a secure manner so it is important to follow common information security principles.

Security steps to take:

  1. Configure a passcode to prevent random snooping or data loss should your device get lost or stolen
  2. Set the auto lock feature so your iPad will become passcode protected after a certain amount of inactivity. This will prevent others from accessing your stuff while you are temporarily away from your device (or when you go to the bathroom at the bar)
  3. Disable unneeded services such as Bluetooth and uninstall any applications you do not need. Uninstalling unneeded services is a common information security risk mitigation technique and reduces your exposure to potential vulnerabilties.
  4. Promptly update any applications and the Apple iOS when new releases are available. New releases often contain security relevant fixes that will keep your iPad more secure over the long run.
  5. Be discreet about the applications that you choose to install on your iPad device. Applications are only as secure as the source you are getting them from so better to stick to known companies with solid reputations.
  6. Utilize the now freely available Mobileme access which can help secure your data and potentially even recover your device if your iPad becomes lost or stolen.

If you have any additional security related questions about iPad or other tablet like devices feel free to ask.

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